Creating beauty from discarded plastic waste since 2017.

We are a mom-and-daughter team passionate about upcycling & creating functional, everyday products by hand in our studio in Graaff-Reinet, South Africa.

Our story

We see waste materials differently. We believe waste materials like plastic are too valuable a resource to waste.

Since 2017, plasticity. has re-imagined waste materials and transformed them into functional everyday, upcycled products that add value to your everyday life.

Our brand is inspired by the hopeful notion of neuroplasticity - which is our brain's ability to create new neural pathways in response to change and our ability to adapt in a positive manner to challenges... I think when faced with a challenge, we are presented with the opportunity to re-think, and potentially even thrive!

plasticity. is based in the Eastern Cape, the province with the highest rate of unemployment, currently sitting at 47.1%, in the country with the highest level of unemployment in the world.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to make an impact in the Eastern Cape by creating opportunities for skills-based training, supporting local plastic recyclers and giving second chances.

We create the change we want to see, one upcycled product at a time.

Where are your products made and where do you source your discarded plastic from?

Each and every plasticity. product is handmade in-house. The majority of the plastic waste we use is sourced locally from local recyclers. We also accept plastic donations from individuals and businesses. We use sheet-like plastic to create our products (plastic bags and other soft, foldable plastics)

Vision, Mission & Values


To give second chances to discarded plastic waste and give them a second life by creating upcycled products for the world, creating local impact and opportunities.


To provide our clients with useful, functional beautiful products

1. everyday upcycled lifestyle accessories;

2. timeless, functional organizational upcycled home décor;

and to provide these to the highest possible quality.


Social impact: To be a business that supports local suppliers, gives back to local charities and in time creates more opportunities for employment and skills-training in our community.

Environmental: We are passionate about our giving second chances to discarded plastic waste materials.

Transparency: We source our plastic locally and only use discarded plastic waste materials.



Get in touch

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